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The coat of arms of Tampon

Enter and breathe the pure and fresh air of the flowers city...

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The high School Bois Joly Potier

The flowers of Tampon

The mountainous sides of Grand-Bassin

The high School Bois
Joly Potier 14 km - Tampon
The flowers : a specialty
of Tampon
The mountainous sides
of Grand-Bassin


From Floral clock of Pont-d'Yves to various roundabout bloom, while passing by the coat of arms, symbol of the drawn commune with flowers , city hall square (disappeared with the works), without forgetting of course them "Florilèges" where the flowers are to the party, Le Tampon does not hide its pronounced tastes for the ephemerals wonders that are the flowers. Without any pretention, this site has for objective to do you to change air and this in the beautiful city of Tampon, situated in the south of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean, for those that do not know it again!). Enter and  discover some one of the more beautiful tourists sites of the city,  some monuments (church, rules. ..) and differents infrastructures (schools, soccer stadium...). A place will equally be granted to the principal historic, geographic and socio-economical events of the commune.


First prize for the city of Tampon in the "Cities and Towns" in bloom

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