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The town arms of Tampon

"D'Azur, à une montagne d'or surmontée d'une fleur d'orchidée d'argent, au chaussé cousu de sinople".

The town arms of Tampon
"The town arms composed of a murale crown to five turns, with in crest a book open carrying the cry : FLORAL, framed part and other of two reversed abundance horns. The corresponding patent was recorded November 27th 1965.
This coat of arms symbolize one hand tourism, instance the town surrounded by the gorge : Bras de la Plaine and Rivière des Remparts (Sinople wall, violet mountain to the center on a background of azure sky) and on the other hand the wealth of the South, the island loft, symbolized by two abundance horns surrounding the shield and three white orchid on this last one. The shield is overcome of a symbolique flame testifying the permanence of this civilization and French culture". The all rests on the pleasant motto : "FLORAL".

Origin of the name of the town

Several hypotheses are emitted. According to one of the more former texts dateing back to 1727, the origin of the name of the town comes from the one of the ravine of Tampon (flow of the river "d'Abord"), place on which one a hublot plug would have been placed as signs indicator....

- According to the historian Yves Perotin, Le Tampon was equally a landmark ; there is hesitation between the fight plug, a sort of wood cork with which one, one mouth the hole does by a projectile in the shell of a vessel, and the howsehole plug that serves to close this one to the sea, allowing himself the evacuation of the sea water on the bridge of a boat.

- At last, the version the most often quoted is the one of the malgache origin and exactly term "Tampony" or "Tampona", this is to say "belvedere" or the top than one sees by far.

The town hall of Tampon

The town hall of Tampon and his bloomed pyramide !
To see his evolution of his former state to the one of today, click on the photo.

The first inhabitants

To the 18th century, the South itself colonise and several families install themselves. In march 03 th 1725, Tarby Robert, Dugain Gilles, Jamston John, are the first ones of these, à s'établir entre la Ravine Blanche et la Rivière d'Abord. Suivent en novembre 1727, Ferdinand Cazanove, to establish itself between the Ravine Blanche and The Ravine des Cabris, and in December 1727, Mathieu Nativel, between the Ravine des Cabris and the one of the Trois-Mares. In March 1728, Etienne Cadet, Louis Pierre and Pierre Aubert install themselves between the Bras de Pontho and the Bras de la Plaine. The tops of the property covered of tamarins, formed a vast forest that the Black "runaway" crossed to go to the Plaine des Cafres.

The principal dates in the development of the region of Tampon 

The kingdom of Kerveguen...

In 1830, the Lord Gabriel Gabriel LE COAT de KERVEGUEN installs itself in the region of Tampon. It is founded his "empire" seizing almost all the concessions of the South that pass to him under the hand. From Saint-Louis while passing by Saint-Pierre lands sugar cane, The Bras de Pontho, Petit and Grand Tampon to the summit of the Plaine des Cafres, either nearly 12000 hectares above the line of the 600, then to Bérive and Monvert to Petite-Ile and Carosse. His son Denis took over while enlarging again more his domain with Bassin Martin, the Ravine des Cabris, Mon Caprice, Langevin and Vincendo.

The wealth of Kerveguen was such that it dares institute in 1859, his own change to pay the engaged Indian working on its lands : The kreutzer (see the photo opposite), German money piece demonetized, called by the continuation the "kerveguen" and being worth only 86 centimes in comparison with the franc of the time. This adventure went stopped in 1879 with the arrival on the island of the general paymaster Imhaus, come  to apply the monetary reformation. Denis de Kerveguen was condemned by the Saint-Pierre court to reimburse the value of 814 000 kreutzers.

Kreutzer called Kerveguen

Other dates...

In 1836, Paul Reilhac discovers the sources that carry today his name, at the foot of the Piton of the Piton of the Grande Montée. In 1857, the town of Saint-Pierre decides the water conveyance to the Reilhac source to compensate for the water problems in the heights.

In 1870, the Peverelly brothers do the first distillation test with ylang-ylang and vetiver. In 1887,
Bois Joly Potier perfects a distillation procedure that prefigure the current still. Today the
high school of the 14 km carries his name.

In June 1873, a decree one unites the region of the Plaine des Cafres to Saint-Pierre.

In July 1882, a decree one gives to the region of Tampon-Plaine des Cafres, the statute of own section with special assistant. The first assistant said persons are Lauret Henri Ursulin and Bertaut Pierre. Then will follow Badre Ariste in 1890, Bertaut Jules in 1904, Lebon Alexandre in 1905, Lorion Jean-Baptiste in 1907, Robert Alfred in 1910, Avril Léon in 1912, Roussel Charles in 1915, Badré Frédéric in 1920 and  Octave Vallon Hoarau in 1922.

    The construction of the church of Tampon...

L'église du Tampon

Depending on Kervéguen of an equipment point view, the parish of Tampon decides in March 1910, under the impulse of the Father Eugène Rognard, the building of his own church. This one was built in 1911. One has for him also the construction of the churches of the Plaine des Cafres and Bras de Pontho.  But equally the first cash agricultural Credit register of Reunion.

The church of Tampon

(The Father Rognard equally gives his contribution to the birth of the commune of Tampon while going personal to Paris to obtain near ministry the decree aiming to establish Le Tampon in distinct town of Saint-Pierre)

In July 29th 1924, in front of importance that takes the region of Tampon and after a public investigation, Mister Daladier, Minister of Colonies, presents to the Chamber of Deputies, a law project stretching to erect in distinct town the section of Tampon (integrating the region of the Plaine des Cafres).


On sundays 25 July 1925, one proceeds to the institution of the town of Tampon. The first elected Mayor of the new town will be Mister Edgard Avril (even in 1935). The commune is delimited to the North by the summits of mountains, to the West by the Bras de la Plaine, to the east by the Ravine des Cafres and to the South by the line of the 400.

Other great dates back to the town of Tampon

In 1930, the father Rognard creates the Agricultural Union of Tampon, then the cash Register of the Agricultural Credit. It is equally to the origin of the creation of the "Foyer Marie Poitevin" opened in 1956 to the Plaine des Cafres.

In 1935, Georges Avril succeeds Edgar Avril as Mayor of the town even in 1942.

In 1936, Fernand Sanglier creates to the Plaine des Cafres, the association for the Protection of childhood - Centers apprenticeship (APECA), disappeared today.

In 1941, water arrives to the Tampon.

In 1942, Evenor Lallemand is elected Mayor of the town even in 1945.

In 1945, Edgard Avril is elected Mayor even in 1947.


Edgard Avril
Georges Avril
Edgard Avril
Roger Bénard
Paul Badré
1983 to January 2006

André Thien Ah Koon

From january 2006

Didier Robert

March 19th 1946
, Reunion island, Guadeloupe island, Guyane become  French Overseas Departments (DOM).

In 1947, Roger Bénard is elected Mayor even in 1953.

In 1952, the electricity arrives to the Tampon.

In 1953, Paul Badré is elected Mayor of the town even in 1983.

In 1960, opening of the Sanatorium of Tampon, situated to the Trois-Mares.

In August 1965, the biggest high school of the island, the Roland Garros high school receives its first ones student in more of 120 class rooms.

In 1972, The Preparatory military school of Reunion (EMPR) opens its doors to Trois-Mares. Today, she left places to South Campus of the university of Reunion.

In 1979, the region of the Piton de la Fournaise is atached to the town of Tampon.

In February 1981, the region of the 27 km is named "Bourg Murat".

In April 1982, the first electronic telephone exchange is set up. The month of November same year sees the apparition on the town of the first hypermarket.

In 1983, André Thien Ah Koon is elected Mayor of the town.

In 1988, the hydraulic clock of Bois Court is inaugurated.

In 1989, the first rock of the House of the Volcano to the 27 km is put.

November 26th 1994, Mister Edouard Balladur, First Minister, proceeds to the opening installations ceremony of South Campus of the university of Reunion, on the location of the former Preparatory Military School of Reunion.


Sources : Documents of the town of Tampon


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